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Makadi Resale Opportunities

Now that the Makadi Resort has taken shape with the first two quarters delivered it has become as popular as ever. Rather than waiting for 2 years for the latest phase to be built you can opt to buy a ready unit on Q1 or Q2. The advantage is that you can see the unit you buy before you purchase it. Furthermore we have some great offers on resale properties at the moment:

Type 3/4 Units

Prices from £23,283

Now From £21,200

We have 2 units available which are ready to move into now. To find out more fill in the form on the Makadi Page.

Type 7 Units

Prices From £27,450

We have 6 Type 7 resale units on both Q1 and Q2. Ready to move into now.

To find out more about opportunities on Makadi please visit our Makadi Resort Page or


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