Top 5 Reasons Why Buyers Are Still Choosing to buy a property in Egypt

egypt_balneaire_bd_15Despite the credit crunch that much of the world is currently in the midst of,  buyers are still choosing to put their money into property in egypt. There are a number of reasons for this but here are the top 5:

Property prices are still low.

  • Prices in Egypt are still low compared to the UK & other popular holiday destinations & buying when there is a slump means you get more for your money.

Year round sunshine.

  • The tourist season in Egypt lasts for the whole year. The sun shines in Egypt for the full 12 months, making it an ideal place to invest with a potential for regular rental income. It also makes it attractive as a permanent home, more & more Britons are moving here to escape the cold British climate.

World class diving destination.

  • Egypt is world re-knowned as one of the worlds top diving areas. This further boosts tourist numbers & visitors flock here to see the large variety of exotic fish in the crystal clear waters.

High returns on your investment.

  • Capital growth is expected to increase each year & property is always a safe bet. Even if it does not increase in price as much as predicted it will always be worth something- real estate is never worthless! There are guaranteed rental options available on some developments.

Low cost of living & maintenance costs.

  • The price of living in Egypt is a fraction of that in the UK. Food & drink costs much less & little is spent on providing heat for your property sue to the excellent climate. This will always make it popular for holidays & also those living here permanently.

Egypt really has it all for investors & those wishing to buy a holiday or even long-term home here.

For investors there are the attractions of low prices & capital growth as well as the advantage of guaranteed rental on some projects. The Egyptian government are keen to encourage foreign investment &  they have simplified the buying process in response to this. The tax situation is also favourable with no capital gains tax & lower property tax than the UK.

Tourist numbers in Egypt have been increasing year on year with experts forecasting further increases over the next few years. Egypts popularity has grown rapidly due to a number of reasons. It is easily accessible from Europe as a medium haul destination with flights from the UK taking just over 5 hours.  It’s a year round resort experiencing hot & sunny weather for the full 12 months, this makes it perfect for both holiday makers & those tired of the british weather wishing to put down more permanent roots.

Despite the credit-crunch & low bank rates property is still proving to be a safe bet & remember- its always better to buy when the market is low, you can sell when its high & make a good return!